Sheerins Health and Beauty Salon

 Body, Mind, Soul Therapies 


Plexus bio-energy
A beautiful healing technique suitable for everyone. It balances body energies resulting in relief from: pain, depression, anxiety, headache. Our therapists are Plexus Bio-Energy trained. This treatment is carried out over 3-4 consecutive days.

20-30mins. Per treatment

€ 180.00

Reflexology M.N.R.R.I

An ancient therapy using pressure on reflex points of the body to help alleviate aches, pains, sinus problems, constipation, headaches, sleeplessness and bring about a feeling of general well being and balance.   45-60mins 

€ 55.00

Pregnancy Reflexology

Focuses on those who wish to become pregnant and want to use it as part of their pregnancy healthcare. This treatment also prepares the mother to be for labour. Infertility Reflexology can be carried out on both partners. Please ask your therapist for more information. 

€ 50.00


A healing relaxing treatment with a Reiki Master.    60mins

€ 50.00

Body Contour Wrap (inch loss cellulite treatment)

Full Body